November 18, 2017

About us

Stone is our specialty

Stone is our specialty. Iran is a trove of all types of building and façade stones. Ask us for each type of stone from all over the Iran. The managers of this company are proud of 26 years of experience in providing and producing all types of building stone and utilization of Dehbid mines (Sumer Stone) and Natanz Travertine Stone mine, Natanz Abyaneh and Gandomak marble of Shiraz which were the required stones of the customers in their projects and presenting the stones with the best quality and price in the form of cop, slab and façade and responding different tastes of the customers and also present them the best result with offering useful advices about selection of the stone type (due to their using place).

The important projects of Sepahan Dehbid Stone:

• Administration and education building of Islamic Azad Universities of Fars province (Kazerun branch, Marvdasht science and research branch, Zarghan branch, …)
• Educational complex of Shiraz University (Pardis Eram)
• Educational complex of Shiraz University, donative of Jahan Pars Co.
• The residential complex of Shiraz University faculty housing cooperative
• Hormozgan Aluminum factory
• Asalouyeh commercial center
• The building of Moalem insurance central office
• Charity center of Kahrizak, Tehran, Iran
• Sport stadiums all over the Fars province
• Mehr housing in Parand town in Tehran
• Civil residential projects in Sadra city (Yarmahmoodi brothers)
• Amirkabir recreational and vertical parking in Shiraz (Bolandvalad company)
• Simin dokht and Niloofar residential projects, Bam-e-Tehran building company
• Persian gulf commercial complex projects (Cinema)
• Gorgan and Rasht international airports (Bolandvalad company)
• Tehran metro project, Azemayesh town (Bolandvalad company)
• Cable bridge project in Shiraz(Vali-e-Asr Square, Khatam-al-anbiya encampment/Headquarters)
• Quran Narmak vertical parking project (Khatam-al-anbiya encampment/Headquarters)
• Pardis par shopping center in Kish Island
• Tirajeh commercial shopping center in Tehran
• Tehran Moala great project
• Tens of residential and governmental and commercial projects in Shiraz, Tehran, Amol, Sari, Ganaveh, Bushehr, Tabriz and Kish